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Prince Albert Alarm and Security Systems

Monitoring Information

Fully Computerized

Systems software is capable of providing complete information on any account at the touch of a keystroke. Information available includes:

  • Identification of alarm zones activated and types of protection devices used.
  • History of all signals logged including time sequence and dates.
  • Specific customer instructions regarding accounts.
  • Customer call list and password information.
  • Number of false alarms generated by a particular system.

All Computer Hardware is Fully Redundant

The redundant hardware eliminates the possibility of system failure and is on-line with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) which has access to both battery and generator power to ensure full operation of the station through both long and short term power outages. In an unlikely event (ie: fire, ice storm, earthquake etc.), all five stations are linked together to prevent disruption of service.

24 Hour Audio Recording System

Our system offers verification of conversations between station operators, system users, police, guards and service personnel. Cassette back-up tapes are available to you upon request.

Station Operators are Highly Trained

All of our computer systems personnel are well versed in station procedures and are able to provide competent interface with police and other emergency services, as well as being polite, helpful and responsive when dealing with your customers.

Computerized Reports

A computer generated report can be printed at any given time on:

  • Specific incidents with a full explanation of how the situation was handled, subsequent communications, time sequence and a resolution of the incident which details the cause of the alarm and persons involved.
  • Histories which include information on signals sent from a specific zone or information on the entire systems activity over any given period of time.
  • Upon request, opening and closing reports with day, date and time that the system was turned on or off, along with the name of the person who accessed the alarm system can be provided.