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Prince Albert Alarm and Security Systems

Alarm Manuals

Ademco (Honeywell International Inc.)

Ademco Vista 15CN (232 kB)
Ademco Vista 15P (1.0 MB)
Ademco Vista 20 (1.0 MB)

DSC - Digital Security Controls Ltd.

DSC Alexor PC9155 (2.66 MB)
DSC PC1500 ControlPanel (66 kB)
DSC PC1575 ControlPanel (950 kB)
DSC PC1616 (1.69 MB)
DSC PC1832 (1.69 MB)
DSC PC3000 Control Panel (347 kB)
DSC Power632 PC1555 (658 kB)
DSC Power632 PC1555MX (905 kB)
DSC Power832 PC5010 (1.0 MB)
DSC Power832 PC5015 (1.0 MB)
DSC Power864 PC5020 (1.2 MB)

FBII - Fire Burglary Instruments Inc.
(Honeywell International Inc.)

FBII XL STAR 4600DL (826 kB)
FBII XL4600SM (602 kB)

ITI - Interactive Technologies Inc.
(GE Interlogix)

ITI Simon Owner's Manual (336 kB)
ITI Simon Security System (455 kB)
ITI Simon v2.0 Owner's Manual (339 kB)


Paradox Digiplex DGP-648 (729 kB)
Paradox Digiplex DGP2-648 (1.3 MB)
Paradox Esprit 626LED (203 kB)
Paradox Spectra 1641 (207 kB)
Paradox Spectra 1686H (1.6 MB)
Paradox Spectra 1686V (1.6 MB)
Paradox Spectra 1689 (207 kB)